Fab Finds Friday: 10 Affordable Beauty Products to Try!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Friday friends!

I apologize for the late post today.  I was able to attend the ROAR (Jacksonville Jaguar cheerleaders) annual banquet last night.  It was so fun to be able to attend one more, this time to honor my sister and cousin who cheered their last seasons.  Unfortunately I stayed up way too late but lucky for me Josh is working from home today so he let me sleep in.  He's the best!

Anyways, I'm excited about my fab finds for you today.  I always love finding great beauty products that are affordably priced.  What's even better is each of these products can be purchased at Target!  I have every one of them in my possession right now and keep going back for more.  I have to admit there are some things that I splurge on like foundation and eyeshadow but other things that I love saving on, like mascara.  I bet many of you didn't realize that the drugstore brands actually own many of the expensive brands you find at Sephora and department stores.  For example, did you know that L'Oreal owns Kiehl's, Shu Uemura, & Lancome? (See link here for more examples.)  Why not give some of these a try next time you're out shopping?  If you do, let me know how you like them!

This is my favorite hair spray.  It leaves your hair touchable and not stiff.

I've lost count of how many Essie polishes I have.  The three I wear the most are Sand Tropez, Muchi Muchi, & Mint Candy Apple.

Did you know most lip balms contain chemicals that actually dry out your lips?  This one doesn't which is why I love it!  Honeysuckle is my favorite one.

This argan oil is just as effective as the expensive brands. I love it!

I use this moisturizer every day and have for years.  I love that it has SPF and gives my face a little glow.

Y'all I am not lying when I tell you this stuff is amazing.  It will dry your nails in 5 minutes, tops!  It's the only way I can have polish on my nails.

I have the color "Elusive" in this balm and it's a great everyday color.  I like the matte effect and it stays on well.

I love this lipstick in Pink Pop (as seen here with my pink Valentine's outfit)!  The consistency is smooth and the color stays on well.  Sometimes I put Nars Dolce Vita on top to tone down the pink for work. 

I'm a big fan of this mascara from L'Oreal.  I have a hard time finding mascara that 1) I'm not allergic to & 2) lengthen and thicken my lashes.  This fits the bill!  I really like the wand because it reaches those lashes on the end and inner corner of your eye.

This eyeliner is my go-to for every day wear.  It's typically sold out in black at Target so if you see it, grab it!

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