Playground Rules for Grown-up Girls

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today I'm thrilled to be linking up with a couple of blogging rookies like myself!

I'd like to introduce you to my friend Allie (on the right).  Allie and her best friend Tegan recently launched their blog, Shecago.  (Isn' that name great?  If you couldn't already tell they live in Chicago.)  

When Allie and I were planning this first blog share we decided the perfect topic would be friendships.   

I've found that once you become a mom it can be even more difficult to keep your adult friendships.  Unfortunately I know first-hand.  You really have to work hard to maintain those relationships.  Whether you're a mother or not there are certain "rules" you should follow that will help you play nice.   

{{After you read these make sure you click over to Allie & Tegan's blog Shecago for their rules!}}   

1. Time is of the essence, make sure you spend it wisely.  Basically, when you actually have time to spend with your friends make sure you’re with the people who matter and that you’re 100% there.  It’s so easy for moms to have their minds elsewhere, like worrying for their kids. Put the phone down, focus on the person you're with, and make use of the time you have.
2. Don't compare yourself to anyone but yourself.  One of the great things about friendships is inspiring one another.  Just make sure that doesn't cross over to comparison because there's a fine line between the two.  Perhaps your best friend has no kids and hours to spend at the gym.  That doesn't mean you have to give yourself a hard time for working out twice (ok maybe once) a week.  We each have our own paths in life, make yours your own.  Jealousy ruins so many friendships.

3. When planning time with friends, set a date and stick to it!  I am 90% more likely to follow through with plans when we pick a date and put it on our calendars.  You truly have to MAKE time!

4. Be open & honest.  When you’re having a bad day don’t be afraid to share it with your friends.  It’s much better than holding it all in and unleashing on them later.  Whether they’ve been in the same situation before or not, your true friends will be there to lend an ear.  And if you're on the receiving end of your friend's rant all you have to do is listen to her.  You don't have to solve anything, just let her vent.   

5. Last but not least and my favorite of them all - enjoy a girls’ night out once a month!  It’s healthy for you to get away and have your girl time every now and then.  You deserve it!

We hope you enjoyed our first blog-share!  Thanks to Allie for setting this up and supporting me and my little blog.  Allie and I both cheered for the Jags but during different seasons.  While we haven't spent too much time together we have so many mutual friends that I consider her a friend.  She has such an upbeat personality and is uber creative.  (Example, that blog name!  Genius!)  Allie is also a wonderful photographer and has this dry sense of humor that I can totally relate to.  Allie & Tegan cover everything from fashion to home decor to food on their blog and I'm excited to begin working with them.  This will be the first of many blog-shares to come.  Make sure you follow them to keep up with their Shecago shenanigans!

Linking up with Bethany and Meghan for Three-fer Thursday!

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