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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Do you love Instagram like I do?  

I find myself spending much more time on Instagram rather than Facebook these days.  It's more streamlined, which I love.  I can enjoy pictures without clutter: no ads, no play-by-play of life from the same people, no "suggested friends", you get the idea.  I love seeing snapshots from inspiring people & companies I admire.  There are a handful that I always stay up-to-date on because they're THAT good.  Each of these accounts inspire me in different ways: fashion, faith, family, and many more.  Make sure you check each of these out and follow along with me!

My dear friend Danielle is a huge sensation on Instagram.  So many women turn to her account for daily outfit inspirations and uplifting posts, myself included!  She has this wonderful way of pairing classic pieces like Louis Vuitton and Celine handbags with affordable, trendy items from ASOS, Dorothy Perkins & Target.  I promise she will not let you down! (Side note: Danielle has already helped me tremendously with my blogging and I am so grateful for her thoughtfulness and guidance!)
{{Visit Danielle's blog at}}


If you love a good deal then you need to follow Corrine at Mint Arrow - she inspires me to save money!  She always has her eye on the latest sales on those items you've always wanted but refuse to pay full price for.  Wondering when BOB strollers are on sale?  She'll let you know!  Need those Tory Burch Revas but you can't pay over $200 for them?  No worries, she's on top of it.  You just have to make sure you're following her for all the updates!
{{Visit Corrine's blog at}}

Casey is such an inspiration to me as a newbie mommy blogger.  Her honesty is so admirable and her photos are amazing.  She really has a kind heart and her children are adorable.  I promise you won't regret following her.   You want to know what else is so great about Casey? She loves Jesus!  Now that's my kind of gal!
{{Visit Casey's blog at}}

Speaking of a gal who loves Jesus, this gorgeous blogger sure does!  Not only do I turn to her account for amazing outfit inspirations but also uplifting bible verses.  She always seems to have a way of sharing exactly what I need to hear (thank you Jesus for speaking through Haley).  Her pairing of unexpected patterns drew me to her account but her love for Jesus keeps me coming back!
{{Visit Haley's blog at}}

I love Lauren's instagram account for multiple reasons.  First, she's my sorority sister so I love keeping up with her and her family.  Second, she provides a beautiful glimpse into a life I can only imagine: life in the big apple!  I like to live vicariously through her and all of her adventures with her little girls and newborn son in the big city.  Lauren also does a lot of fun giveaways with great companies so make sure you follow her to participate.
{{Visit Lauren's blog at}}

I love keeping up with Jessica (she's also my sorority sister) but I have to admit the reason why I love her account so much is because of her boys, especially Adam.  Once I heard Adam's story I was smitten, that boy captured my heart!  You will have to take some time out of your day to catch up on the whole story but let's just say that Jessica & her husband are truly saints.  Adam and Elliot are lucky boys!  I promise you will not regret watching how these two little guys love each other.  (Jessica also inspires me as a Christian with the beautiful verses and insight she provides.)
{{Follow Adam's journey at}}

I hope these accounts inspire you like they do me. Let me know which accounts you're going to start following.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. You are so so so sweet, this means so much friend!!!

  2. I follow a few of these already but will have to check out the others! Loving you blog, lady!


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