Monday Mix Up: Easter!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello friends!

It's so refreshing to start another week after Resurrection Sunday. What a great day we had celebrating our risen Savior!  

Our Easter weekend celebrations actually began Saturday night when we had my cousins and their daughter over to color Easter eggs.  Let me tell you, coloring eggs with two toddlers is not for the faint of heart!  Our strategy was to have Graham and Sawyer sit on top of the island while we helped them dunk the eggs into the cups.  I'd say it was successful for the most part.  Only a couple of cracked eggs and nothing spilled!

(Don't mind my extremely tan face, I just got a spray tan that afternoon.)

Sunday morning we woke up to discover that the Easter Bunny left some eggs behind for Graham!  He enjoyed throwing and cracking the real eggs so we snatched those up quickly.  He got the hang of putting the eggs in his basket in no time.

There's nothing quite like Easter Sunday at church.  We had a packed house at East Pointe and it was a wonderful time of worship!  We are so blessed to serve a risen Savior!  

After the service there was an Easter egg hunt in the soccer fields.  It was a joy to see how excited all of the kids were.  At first Graham was confused about what was going on but after coaxing him onto the fields, he loved it.  He was so cute picking up the eggs and putting them into his basket.  There was an Easter Bunny too and Graham was chasing him around.  That really surprised me since those strange bunny costumes always freaked me out.  

My Easter dress is now available online here!

This picture cracks me up!

After church we went to my parents' house for a delicious meal.  My mom sure knows how to cook!  Of course we had to take some family pics while we were there.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Dusty managed to sneak into that one!

The guys. Graham looks less than thrilled, haha.

Graham also tried peeps at Mimi's and apparently he likes them!

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter, we sure did!  
Have a great week!

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