What I'm Learning From My Boy

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I have to admit this is not where I planned on taking this post today.  I was going to share my favorite health & fitness apps and totally challenge you to get your butts into gear.  However, in light of everything going on I just wasn't feeling it.  Workout Wednesday will return some day, just not today.

If you will, allow me to digress on this Wednesday to talk about my boy.

My sweet, energetic, dirt-loving little boy.

I want to make sure that my blog isn't only a place to share my favorite things, inspire your daily outfits, and make you laugh but that it's also a place for me to document my life.  Time passes so quickly and I want to remember every little detail, especially the ones with Graham.  So without further ado, here are some things I'm learning from my 14 month-old.

1) Life is best lived dirty.
There is nothing like seeing Graham's face when he has a hand full of sand, dirt, mulch or a combination of all three.  There's no use fighting it (not that I ever really did), he's a boy and he's going to get dirty.  Heck, I guess he gets it honest - I played outside in the dirt all the time growing up.  My favorite toy was my ant farm.  I was made to be a momma to a boy!  I had just forgotten how fun it can be to let go and get dirty!

2) Silence can be terrifying.
My best friend Emily recently told me that she was going to buy Graham a kazoo but she thought I'd kill her.  On the contrary, I like the noise!  The noise means Graham is busy playing with something he should be playing with (most of the time) and not trying to climb out of the playpen.  Bring on the musical instruments, work benches, and noisy books!

3) Temper tantrums are quite funny.
Mom of the year right here.  Yes, I have to force myself not to laugh when Graham goes into his full-blown legs-flailing, head thrown-back fits.  He can just be so dramatic sometimes and I know the minute I bring out an apple (he is obsessed with eating apples) he will straighten right up.  Future Academy Award winner, perhaps?

4) I can do almost everything with one hand.
Who else has mastered the art of holding your child while using the restroom because the thought of him/her walking around a public bathroom gives you nightmares?  Yep, me too.

5) Toddlers can have rhythm.
I mean I'm not trying to brag but my son has rhythm.  I like to think he got it from his momma but Josh is typically the one rapping to him so I can't take all the credit.

    6) The best things in life truly are free.
There's no better feeling than when Graham falls asleep on my shoulder or runs to me when I pick him up from the nursery.  No amount of money could replace the joy I feel from my boy.  I love him so much and cherish each day we have together.  I look forward to learning even more from him through the years.

Mommy loves you Son!


  1. So sweet! Boys are so much fun and you're not kidding about the dirt! Its something I really struggled with at first but I've since embraced it! I always enjoy your blog!

  2. So sweet! :) loving your blog! :)

  3. I love this beautiful post! I wish I'd learned some of these lessons sooner with my oldest son. God's grace is infinite- He's given me another try!


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