Monday Mix Up: Pink

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Monday Friends!

Today's post is going to be short & sweet.  Actually, this week's posts will probably all be short.  I am still recovering from my surgery so I haven't been able to take any styled pictures or really spend much time blogging.  Please forgive me.

However, I did want to participate in the Monday Mix Up with Regan today since our theme is PINK!  There are numerous pink pieces available right now for under $30 that I love.  Which ones are your favorites?  You can't beat the prices!

Bloggers, link up with us!  Share your favorite pink pieces or anything, we're not picky.  We just ask that you follow The Heathered Life & The Hollinsworth House on GFC or Bloglovin' and link back to our sites on your post.  Our theme next week is EASTER!  Make sure to stop by and check out some new blogs and make friends!

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  1. Hope you are getting lots of rest! I am loving that pink and white stripped watch... Adorable!!


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