Monday Mix-Up: Family

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello friends!

Today is an exciting day on the blog: it's the first Monday Mix Up!

Monday Mix Up is the weekly linkup with Regan from The Hollinsworth House and yours truly.  We thought it would be fun to pick a topic each week and post anything that relates to that topic.  We'll cover everything from food to fashion to our kiddos to everyday life.  (A little background on Regan: Regan and I became fast friends through Instagram.  We share the joy of being mommies and loving fashion!) For our first post Regan and I thought it would be perfect to start with a topic that means the most to us: FAMILY!

As most of you know I have a wonderful husband Josh and adorable little boy named Graham.  They are my world!  Every day is better with them in my life.  This weekend was a special weekend for our family because Josh's birthday was on Sunday!  We started our weekend on Saturday with a trip to Gainesville to visit Josh's family.  Josh's mom teaches kindergarten and her school's carnival was on Saturday so that was our first stop.  Graham really didn't know what to think about all of the excitement.  He mostly walked around and watched what all of the other kids were doing.

How cute is he?!

After the carnival we went to BJ's Brewhouse for lunch and to watch the UF-Kentucky game.  My husband is from Kentucky so he's a huge UK fan.  Unfortunately the Wildcats lost but I have to be honest I didn't think they had it in them from the start.  They just don't look too good this year.  (Sorry Josh!)  Good thing we ordered a pizookie to make the game more bearable. :)

After lunch we took a little break so G could take a nap.  Once he woke up we headed out to Trader Joe's to stock up on our favorite goodies.  We don't have our Trader Joe's yet here in the Jacksonville area so we always go to the Gainesville one when we're in town.  Of course we had to get some Two Buck Chucks (which are actually $2.99 now so should be Three Buck Chucks).  If you haven't been to Trader Joe's their signature wines are only $2.99, hence the name!  I can't wait for our Trader Joe's to open at the beach.

Once we left our shopping adventure we found the nearest park for Graham to have some fun.  He loves climbing and sliding and swinging, he's all boy!

The next day was Josh's birthday!  I was so excited to give him the gift that Graham and I made for him.  We just bought new bikes so he didn't want me to spend too much on his gift.  I think in total this was $15!  

The blue is for Kentucky, not UF!  Just to clear that up. :)

I found everything I needed at Michael's.  I really wanted a basketball display case but those were around $50 and I was not about to spend that on a crafty home-made gift.  Luckily the baseball cases were on sale for $12!  I actually like the smaller case since G's hands are so small.  Unfortunately the glass case doesn't fit around it but that's OK!  

What you'll need: acrylic paint, case, basketball, Styrofoam plate for paint application, lots of baby wipes.

First things first, I had to get Graham undressed! As you can see he wasn't thrilled.  He was full of temper tantrums that day.  

I tried to cover his hair chair with paper towels and he wasn't having that!  

Once he got his hands in the paint he calmed down.  Obviously since I was doing this myself I couldn't manage a picture during the actual event.  It was difficult enough keeping Graham from licking the paint off of his hands.  Our first pass was a fail.  I had way too much paint on his hands.  So I quickly rinsed off the paint from the basketball (and Graham) and dried it.  Thank goodness that acrylic paint washed off!  

 Our second pass was much better, although not perfect.  I knew this was as good as it was going to get.  I think it looks adorable!  I love sealing this stage in time.  I'm sure before we know it his hands will be twice that size.

We gave Josh his gift on Sunday morning and he loved it!  Then we went to church and Maggiano's with my family for lunch.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day out so we stayed at The Town Center for a while and walked around.

Blazer, United Colors of Benetton (old, similarlove thissteal!) || Dress, Hello B Boutique (similar) || Necklace, Brina Box (similar) || Graham's Shirt, Osh Kosh (similar) || Graham's Pants, Target || 
Graham's Shoes, Converse (similar) || Josh's Shirt, Brooks Brothers (similar) || Josh's Pants, Banana Republic (similar) || Josh's Watch, Invicta

We ended our weekend with a run on the beach and some froyo!  What a great weekend with family.  We hope you enjoyed your weekend and that you have a great week!

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  1. Awe, what a great weekend to celebrate!! Graham is PRECIOUS!!! And that gift...what a fun husband will cherish that for years to come!! :)


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