Monday Mix Up: Toddler Must Haves!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello friends!

Have you ever thought to yourself that once you become a parent you won't do this or that?  Well, you might just eat your words when that time comes around.  I personally had some revelations when it comes to parenting my very mobile 14 month-old.  While Graham isn't technically a toddler yet he sure acts like he is.  Here are my revelations and the must haves that help us deal with them:

1)  You will want to cage up your child.  
I always thought that I didn't want to be those people with gates throughout their living room but we are!  And we couldn't live without our "prison" as we like to call it.  I'm convinced we would have nothing on our bookshelves and Graham would be eating random furniture if we didn't confine him in his play area.  This is the one we have (go ahead and get the extender kit while you're at it):

2) No matter how clean you are, you will have Cheerios in places you didn't know Cheerios could go.
In your car, behind your toilet, in the shower... yep everywhere!  And not just Cheerios but every other food you give your toddler.  You see, we don't have a dog to clean this stuff up so this is what we have instead and we CANNOT live without it:

3) You will fear germs in public places, especially restaurants.
I'm not a complete germophobe, I think it's good to expose your child to some germs to build up their immunity.  However, I don't play when it comes to restaurants.  You have no idea how much bacteria is on those rags they're reusing to "clean" the tables: E. coli, salmonella, who knows what else.  I use one of these every time we eat out (because let's be real - plates and utensils are not happening at this point):

I love this spray if you want to clean the table yourself:

4) Sippy cups & snack holders will disappear into thin air.
You better stock up!  Graham loves drinking water so I always have a sippy cup with him.  These are my favorites, along with the snack holders (which ironically seem to contribute to revelation #2 but they allow him to feed himself wherever he goes):

5) It may be nearly impossible to brush your toddler's teeth.
I'm the daughter of a retired dental assistant who flosses every day so dental hygiene means a lot to me.  However, Graham is not a fan of having his teeth brushed (and he has 12 teeth already).  Luckily he is a fan of battery-powered toothbrushes and flavored toothpaste.  These miracle-workers give me about 20 seconds of brush time.  I'll take it.  Here are some good ones to try: 

Life with an almost toddler is certainly interesting but oh-so rewarding!  This is such a fun time with Graham learning to talk and show us his personality.  We love him to pieces and can't wait to see what he gets into next.  Mommies, are there any you'd like to add?  I'm just getting into this stage so I'm sure there are products I've forgotten. 

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  1. I definitely need to invest in a play pen. Its getting harder and harder to walk out of the room and worrying she may try to eat something or try to climb something! I also love BabyGanics, we use their travel wipes when we got to restaurants. However, know that I know they make those table mats, I'm running to target tonight! Love it!

  2. A diaper genie elite was a must for us! Im not going outside every poop diaper change to throw it out plus it sticks up the garage too. The diaper genie worked great for us and money well spent!


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