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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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Two of my favorite bloggers, Laura from Walking in Memphis in High Heels and Erin from The Fashion Canvas hosted the Trend Spin Linkup yesterday.  The theme was handbags which inspired me to create this post.  

I always seem to fall in love with the most adorable and most expensive bags (who's with me?).  But honestly there are bags out there that are just as swoon-worthy with a much less damaging price tag.  Can you tell which one is the splurge and which one is the steal? I bet some will surprise you!  

Shop these bags from the links above or the pictures below.  I included some extras below!

P.S. - Have you checked out the "Cravings" tab lately?  I added some fun new spring pieces that I can't wait to add to my wardrobe.  Also, did you know you can shop my outfits from Instagram?  Yep, click on the "Shop" tab for pics then click on the ones you like.  You will be redirected to the LiketoKnow.it page where you can shop the links.  Happy shopping friends! :)

Linking up for Three-fer Thursday!
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  3. Super cute. I've been slowly building my stock of bags....... none of mine are this cute,unfortunately.... Celebrity Handbags Online

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