5 Friends Every Girl Needs

Thursday, January 30, 2014


The older I get the more I appreciate my friends. 

My friendships have helped to mold me into the person that I am.  I can be stubborn, brutally honest, mean - and yet I still have friends who love me.  They see me for the person I am most of the time - caring, uplifting, funny, protective.  While I'm so grateful for the friends I have now I'm also grateful for those broken friendships.  I truly believe people come into our lives for a reason or a season and sometimes those seasons end sooner than expected and that's OK. There are lessons to be learned from each of them.

When I survey the friends I have now they each have certain overriding characteristics that I love.  Every girl needs at least one of these types of friends.  You may even have a few friends who fall into multiple categories - score!

1 - The Cheerleader
No, I'm not talking about literal cheerleaders (although many of my friends are retired cheerleaders).  I'm talking about the girl who has your back no matter what.  She is always there for you supporting whatever you do.  She is in your corner and will fight for you without thinking twice.   

2 - The Free Spirit
This friend is up for anything!  Need a night out? She'll drop everything and go!  She has nothing tying her down and is always up for making memories.  She lives the impromptu, spontaneous life and sometimes you just need someone like that to remind you to relax and have fun.

3 - The Goof
In my opinion, someone who makes me laugh is invaluable.  This friend knows how to cheer you up in a second.  She is most likely equiped with so many random, hilarious stories about her life that you can't help but think they're made up.  She can quote entire Will Ferrell movies and reinact your college shenanigans.  When you find a friend like that, don't let her go!

4 - The Scholar
Again, I'm not talking about a literal scholar.  I'm referring to the friend who's been there, done that, and gives you amazing advice about what to do.  She's experienced things you haven't and has learned from them.  What distinguishes her from most people is that you actually WANT & VALUE her opinion.  You find yourself running all major life decisions by her.

5 - The Time Traveler
This is the friend you can go months & years without seeing and when you finally have the chance to catch up it's like no time has passed.  Perhaps you live in different cities or your lives are just too hectic to talk or see each other as often as you'd like.  That doesn't matter with her.  She understands.  She's not going anywhere.  Bonds like that are priceless.

So, what kind of friend are you?  What type of friend would your girlfriends say you are? You may be a different type of friend to different people.  To some people I may be a Scholar but to others I'm a Time Traveler.  I like to think I'm always a Goof but I'm probably not as funny as I think. Haha.

I bet you thought of at least a handful of friends, share this with them!

As always, thank you for stopping by my blog today.  I really appreciate you!

With love & gratitude,



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