Workout Wednesday: New Kicks!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello friends!

Who's ready for some motivation on this hump day? 

Here's a thought that always seems to work for me: just put on your shoes and go! Really, it sounds so simple but as long as I get my running shoes on there's no way I'm backing out of my workout.

As some of you know from my Instagram, I'm doing the Love Your Body series with the lovely ladies of Tone It Up.  One of their challenges is to get 100 miles of cardio by Valentine's Day.  You can log your miles from running, walking, swimming, the elliptical, whatever works for you!  I'm really proud of the miles I've already logged in the past few weeks - just over 46 miles! With all of this extra running, I'm in need of some new kicks. 

My tried and true brands are Asics and Brooks.  They have always been the best for my style of running (picture me gracefully prancing on my toes, haha).  There are other brands I'd like to try as well along with some styles that have caught my eye.

Here's a roundup of my favorites:
1 || 2 || 3
4 || 5 || 6
7 || 8 || 9

Help! Which pair should I get? 


  1. first off, I love the tone it up workouts! congrats on all the mileage. As far as shoes are concerned, I vote 9 just because I've never had a bad experience with my Nikes and the frees are my absolute favorite. They're super light and flexible.

  2. I have no. 8 in pink and grey and love them!

  3. I like 8, super cute, but I am also not a runner, and my Nike's that are similar are very good for walking. I have heard that Asics and Brooks are some of the best for running.

  4. I have heard from my two college cross country running sisters that muzinos(spelling) are the best, those will be my next purchase.


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