Graham's Fashion Finds: Sunday Best

Sunday, January 19, 2014

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Happy Sunday everyone!  Typically we would all be at church this morning but Graham and I are fighting a cold so we're hanging out at home.  What better time to share some of Graham's favorite church outfits!  

One of the topics that I'm most excited to feature on the blog is baby/toddler clothes for boys. I don't understand why but its very difficult to find boy clothes that Josh and I like.  Most of Graham's clothes come from Baby GapOld Navy, and Carter's.  We love plaid, denim, vests and colored pants for our little man. We especially love when they're on sale so we frequent the outlets a lot. It helps that we only live 15 minutes away!

Here's a pic of Graham modeling one of his church outfits. Enjoy!

With love & gratitude,


  1. OMG... He is sooooo cute! My husband said Graham is a "cool cat"

  2. He is so gorgeous. When was he born? I have a daughter born on January 19th 2013. They look around the same age. =) Check out my blog to see her and my style.

    <3 Ada.


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