Breast feeding Mommy Style: Shirt Dresses

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Welcome back friends! 

Today I'm excited to share with you what initially motivated me to start a blog - fashion for breast feeding moms!  After I had Graham I was so excited to get back into non-maternity clothes. Like I always do I searched blogs for outfit inspiration. 

 I searched...and searched...and searched. 

And much to my dismay there were barely any styling tips or blogs for breast feeding moms. I want to change that.  At least once a month (or maybe every other week depending on how you all like it) I will provide links to some of my favorite functional pieces for nursing moms.  Don't get me wrong, those nursing tanks are great but they're not so much on the fashionable side. 

Today we'll focus on shirt dresses! 

I love a good shirt dress in machine washable fabrics (this is key - say goodbye to silk for now).  Shirt dresses are so versatile, they can be dressed up for work or down for the weekend.  The skater dress style has become a staple in my closet because it's so flattering. Skater dresses hide that little baby bump pooch we tend to carry around after delivery.  I also love investing in solid color dresses and pairing them with bold accessories like a leopard print scarf and neon flats. 
What you think of my favorites?  Anymore styles you would add? 

Thanks again for visiting!

With love & gratitude,


  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing! :)


  2. Anything button up were my best friend while I was nursing! That and scarves! I never wore the nursing camis or tanks!

    1. Yes I love scarves too (although I have always been a tab bit obsessed with them)!

  3. Not sure if my previous post showed... but I LOVE this post, Heather! Great advice for new mom's to the breastfeeding world and in dire need of something different than the "nursing cami's or tanks"... which is all I wear, unfortunately! Looks like I'm going shopping! Thanks for the advice :)


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